3 sites that will help you make money with cryptocurrencies in 2022

After a year of prominence in 2021, cryptoassets begin 2022 challenging investors. Famous cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) star in strong price variations and record falls. But while some investors are frightened by the charts, others see in price fluctuations earning opportunities. With so many movements happening at the same time, keeping up with good investment possibilities can be a more difficult task than it seems.

Therefore, knowing what tools to use in this search is important so as not to miss good profit opportunities. Thinking about it, Exame Invest’s cryptocurrency expert, Felipe Dantas, gathered some of his favorite sites to understand the digital macroeconomics scenario, choose your tokens and invest your money in the right places. Check out the following recommendations:

Dantas’ first indication is Defi Rate, a website that compiles decentralized finance tools and demonstrates several opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies. Offering diverse options and allowing frequent monitoring of yield rates, the platform has the potential to help strengthen investors’ crypto assets. “Defi Rate is one of the best sources for decentralized finance,” says the expert.

The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) is constantly evolving, either with the consolidation and evolution of the various cryptocurrencies, or with the creation of financial structures similar to those we already know, but applied to the decentralized model.

One of the most common structures in the traditional world of finance are banks and investment brokers, which already have their equivalents in the crypto world. With the creation of crypto banks and the implementation of loan protocols, those who own cryptocurrencies can allocate their resources in order to generate income. Defi Rate is a tool that compiles these opportunities for the investor.

Whale Stats

The second site is a tool that shows where the largest crypto investors are putting their money. Whale Stats compiles data from the 1000 largest digital wallets of various networks (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc.), and visually demonstrates to users – through graphs, tables and message murals – important statistics for those who want to generate revenue from cryptoassets.

In Whale Stats you can see where millionaire crypto investors are putting their money, what they are betting on and which purchase option generates the highest return. This monitoring is important because in addition to helping to analyze trends, these portfolios move very large values, which can have a direct effect on the appreciation or devaluation of the market.

Third recommendation of Exame Invest’s expert, on the site it is possible to know everything about the genre that is gaining so much public attention, cryptogames. The site compiles the various gaming initiatives already on the air and still under development, and classifies your interactions with NFTs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. The site also constantly monitors the social relevance of games, through mentions of them on networks.

On the platform, users can evaluate the various gaming opportunities and filter them by the characteristics that are of interest to them. In addition, the tool also identifies the most promising releases, an interesting function especially because in the crypto world, arriving early almost always represents an advantage.

Why use tools to invest in crypto

These are just some of the various sites that serve as a tool to leverage gains from cryptocurrency investments. They are used with recurrence by Dantas in his decision-making. In addition, one of the advantages of blockchain technology (used in all the sites mentioned and many others) is transparency and the fact that it is auditable, which makes access to market data much easier.

Unlike the traditional market, where data is in the possession of intermediaries such as banks and brokers, in the crypto market the information is all public, which makes a lot of data available. This information helps investors in market analysis, choosing the best investments, defining the best time to buy, selling time, etc. For all this, these tools are so important – and that’s why there are so many on the market.

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