Affiliate Exclusive Video and Invitation Bonus Month

Dear KuCoin Affiliates,

Through this new year, we will continue to bring exclusive benefits to KuCoin Affiliates. This time, we have prepared huge Affiliate benefits that are waiting for you, including video creation rewards and invitation rewards!

The event time is from 16:00:00 on January 29, 2022 to 12:00:00 on February 28, 2022 (UTC).

1. Participation Conditions

1) Only KuCoin Affiliates who received this campaign email is qualified to participate

2) Fill in the registration form below

2. Activity Rewards and Rules

Activity 1: YouTube Video Creation Rewards

Make 1 or more videos that meet the following conditions and upload them on your YouTube channel for a chance to receive a 500 USDT reward

The conditions are as follows:

1) The total video playback volume must be at least 10,000 views;

2) The video title must have “KuCoin” in it;

3) The video description must include your KuCoin invitation link

4) The content must be related to KuCoin’s products and news. Recommended video content:

– 7-day KuCoin USDT loan with an annualized rate of over 7%

– Create KuCoin Trading Bot and earn more than 1000% now

– Join KuCoin Affiliate to enjoy high rebates of up to 45%

– Gem tokens listed on KuCoin

– You may choose other interesting KuCoin products and news

5) The video duration must be at least 5 minutes each;

Activity 2: Invitation Rewards

All qualified KuCoin Affiliates (those who meet the Participation Condition above) will receive corresponding rewards based on their total number of invitees during the activity period. Check the reward distribution on the table below:

Number of invitees Rewards
≥10 30 USDT
≥50 200 USDT
≥100 500 USDT
≥500 2,500 USDT

3.Fill out the registration form to participate in the event:


1)All rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event ends

2)During the event, cheating behaviors such as malicious swiping, batch registration of small accounts, wool attribute users, etc., are prohibited. The final reward will be issued after removing the cheating users

3)It is prohibited to create content that defames KuCoin

4)The final interpretation right of the event belongs to KuCoin

5) Affiliate cannot enjoy different multiple invitation rewards at the same time, including the other video cooperation rewards.

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