Amour+Sauvage Brings Luxury Champagne Into The NFT Space

In a world of champagne lovers, there’s always a need for champagne which meets the demand of the market in terms of taste, beautiful aromas and ambiance.


But in the period which is embracing Web3 and the Metaverse, there is a space to do things bigger. More ambitious and more expansive. There is an opportunity to change the game and bring luxury to enjoyers of champagne like never before.


Amour+Sauvage is the pinnacle of 25 years of excellence in the vineyards and in the cellar to obtain ‘the perfectly balanced Methode Traditionnelle.’ They pride themselves about being as much about art, as they are about fine beverages.


What Is Amour+Sauvage?


With their project Amour+Sauvage, they are bringing you champagne in a way that has never been seen before with their unique collection of 10,000 champagne NFTs, which will live on the Ethereum blockchain. Every bottle is unique, labeled and proof of ownership is stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Purchasing a bottle costs 0.3 ETH.


Innovating The Market


You may be wondering just how they intend to innovate the champagne market? Just as people will be able to mint their very own champagne NFTs which will allow them to enjoy in Metaverse, holders will be able to then burn their NFTs in exchange for their physical bottle of Amour+Sauvage to enjoy with family, friends or to enjoy in their leisure.


What the project aims to do is creatively merge both the NFT and champagne markets in the most forward thinking and future led way possible. Their NFTs go beyond simply champagne or simple NFTs, they aim to bring people into the new age of luxury projects, provide utility and real world benefits for all who invest in their brand.


Public Mint Details


Why their project is unique is partially due to the fact that they will be having no whitelisting and thus no Discord. Their public mint will be on 4/4/2022 and once they have sold 50% of their NFTs, only then they will be launching their Amour+Sauvage NFT holder only community. When they have sold 100% they will be revealing the bottle, the team and future vision of the project, as well as making their bottles available for shipping to those who want to burn their NFTs.


What they are doing is all about exclusivity. That’s why they are not opening a Discord, because they want to provide a multi layered experience for their holders. To be able to bring champagne and NFT enthusiasts together in the best way possible.


Will this inspire a new trend of NFTs being linked to physical objects?

More about the brand and project:


Contact for more info [email protected]

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