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Led by quirky female artist ‘Starseed’ CABs is an exciting anime project featuring an original anime series.  With 5 episodes already written, CABs first episode original anime series NFT launches 7th April, 2022 on OpenSea.

Pre sale: 7th April, 8am UTC
Public sale: 8th April, 8am UTC

What Is the CABs Anime?

The first part — of a two part episode one — of the inaugural anime is a Benefits of ownership (Get ready to supercharge your utility):

A feature of the CABs roadmap is the anime series, which will help raise further awareness of the CABs brand and grow the community. It will also supercharge the utility of both CAB owners and the anime NFTs holders.

Now, we’re excited to announce that the first episode of the CABs anime will be available for Pre-sale on: April 7, 2022 at 8am UTC. This includes CAB, Moonboots, BAYC, Cool Cat NFT, 888, and allowlist holders. Who will all have a 24-hour minting window.



It’s Time to shift to the next phase. With the release of our new anime series, we will become a fully DAO driven project. All net profits from each anime release will be distributed to the Star Command DAO. eg) If all 1,000 anime mints sells, the DAO will receive over 90 ETH. Each CAB owner would get approx. 0.05 ETH (subject to

DAO membership is accessed by holding a CAB. 

CABs can be purchased on the secondary market from


Now, we’re excited to announce that the first episode of the CABs anime will be available via Pre-sale mint on April 7th, 2022 at 8am UTC.

Pre-sale: April 7th, 2022 at 8am UTC.
Public sale: April 8th, 2022 at 8am UTC.

Mint from:

Key Dates:

Pre-sale: April 7th, 2022 at 8am UTC.
Public sale: April 8th, 2022 at 8am UTC.

Details below.

Access the anime mint at: 

It is a high-quality, Japanese-style, short that is approximately 3.5 minutes long (First part of Episode 1).

Pre-sale minting for the first anime NFT is 7th April, 2022. The first release will set the foundation for a plot that will only continue to thicken with future episodes. We believe that the CAB anime NFT is the first time a mini-anime has been minted as an NFT featuring original characters and stories.

Five scripts have already been written. We are delighted to announce that the second episode will feature a guest star: BAYC APE#132. We look forward to our audience seeing how the Ape will add more depth and layers to the intricate CAB story.

This history making, limited edition anime NFT episode is a one-off mint. Only 1,000 mints (plus the bonus mints for holders of 3 CABs and an allocation of 200 for collabs, giveaways, team, etc.)

Bonus Drops

To mark the start of our anime series, all collectors who mint the historic first episode will immediately receive three different animated GIF tokens in their Opensea account.

   The anime NFT “Loyal Doge” episode 1 (Part 1)
   The anime NFT “Loyal Doge” episode 1 (Part 2).
   A mystery token that will reward you massively at the end of the first anime season. 

The token will be revealed on the mint date of the fifth episode.

The bonus tokens are yours to hold, trade, use for future benefits.


   Part 1 Token will be reveal into the animation video on 20th April
   Part 2 will be revealed in May
   Mystery token will be revealed upon our 5th Episode release

DAO Bonus

The big news is that if all 1,000 anime mints sells, each CAB owners will be distributed with 0.05 ETH for the first anime episode alone! (subject to approval by the DAO)

Here’s the math:

The proceeds from the anime sales will be distributed as follows:

30 ETH reimbursing the costs to create the first anime, and dev costs.
30 ETH budget for the second anime and dev costs.

Balance to be distributed to CAB holders (subject to approval by the DAO).

Sales of the second anime will provide a 30 ETH budget for the third anime as well as potentially more than 0.05 ETH distribution to CAB owners.

CAB Holders (For every 3 CABs you own):

You will be provided with two free anime NFT tokens (Parts 1 & 2) of our first episode ‘Loyal Doge’, for every 3 CABs you hold. The free anime tokens will be airdropped directly to the wallet that holds your CABs.

A Quick History:

From the inception of the community-run CABs project –1,111 unique NFTs which sold out — in late November 2021, we have achieved many firsts and milestones.

   Over 200 ETH in free airdrops (at floor price) have been given away.
   Established the Star Command DAO: A fully operational and financed DAO.
   A number of art drops have been distributed.
   The Discord community is thriving, with high-quality content and alpha for verified CAB owners.
   CAB owners have been given access to Whitelist opportunities.
   A number of high-quality collaborations have been formed with top-tier projects such as: My MoonBoots.
   As a result, less than 3% of the 1,111 CABs are currently listed on OpenSea, as our holders continually see the value of being part of this community.

Future Plans

Once the first anime NFT episode has been launched as an NFT, a future aim of ours is to forge a distribution partnership to widen our audience and scope.

With 5 episodes already written, we will engage our screenwriters on the second series of 5 new episodes.

The CABs anime series will set a number of firsts for the NFT industry. To our knowledge, it will be the first ever original anime series to be minted and traded on OpenSea, and the level of reward via the Star Command DAO is also a first.

CABs is truly a community-driven project and we are constantly finding new ways to drive engagement and reward our members. If you want to get in on the action too, make sure you are in our Discord and watch out for announcements on Twitter.

Purchase existing collection: 

Star Command DAO NFT Vault: 

For more information on the DAO’s investments, visit the CAB Discord server (Verified CAB owners can view)

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