KuCoin API Community Manager Recruitment Program

As KuCoin exchange keeps expanding, members of KuCoin API community have also increased. To provide a better experience and environment for our API users, we sincerely invite all of you to join the building of the KuCoin API community to further enhance its influence.

Therefore,We launched the KuCoin API Community Manager Recruitment Program. Community managers with great contributions, community resources, and rich experience in management will be rewarded with USDT based on their endeavors. We hope community managers build trust and consensus in community governance and better develop the KuCoin API community.

I. What will you be doing as a KuCoin API Community Manager?

As a community manager, you need to manage the KuCoin API Community and help expand it. Your responsibilities are as follows:

1. Community management and growth

a. Educate new users on how to use the KuCoin API, respond to members’ questions and comments, and summarize them into an FAQ.

b. Promote KuCoin API Community to attract more new members.

c. Create and lead a volunteer team to help in growing the API community.

d. Lead the discussions about KuCoin API to keep the community active.

e. Organize community activities.

2. Project and technology

a. Test and give timely feedback on KuCoin API updates.

b. Collect feedback and suggestions about KuCoin API.

3. Meet-up and event

a. Assist in organizing online and offline KuCoin API events and meet-ups.

b. Establish, maintain, and manage the relationship with API users, partners, and potential customers.

4. Content creation and Proofreading

a. Create content about KuCoin API, enrich content types and optimize the content outputs.

b. Help KuCoin API proofread content.

II. We need you to meet the following requirements:

1. Good English in both written and spoken forms.

2. Be patient, passionate, creative, independent, and open-minded.

3. Knowledgeable in API technology.

4. Experience in community operation is a plus.

5. Ability to work full time.

6. Ability to entail several tasks with tight deadlines at the same time, to be efficient in a fast-paced working environment.

7. Be optimistic about cryptocurrency and exchanges, and a proficient KuCoin API user is a plus.

III. What benefits can you enjoy?

1. Privilege to attend all KuCoin API-related events, especially the offline meet-up.

2. Your feedback and suggestions about KuCoin API will be prioritized for consideration.

3. Enjoy a competitive salary package and quarterly bonus commensurate with your ability and completion of OKR.

4. Witness the potential projects that are at the forefront of the industry.

For those who want to become a KuCoin API Community Manager, please fill out the application form at .

We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding!


The KuCoin API Team

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