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What is the Masonic Metaverse World

In fact, what we call the world is just a thought. In other words, the METAVERSE can be for any of us as real as the reality perceived by our 5 senses. The ability to do so, as Albert Einstein said, lies only in the ability to

make what is given to us sensorially intelligible. In fact, MATAVERSE can even surpass our dreams and open Portals. The important thing is that it does not become a mere game of sensations but that the content is immersed in the essence of the Masonic message.

So let’s daydream and create the best version of ourselves, even if the Gavel and Chisel are virtual, because the Heart is true.

Reality must always be sought on the basis of illusion. Illusion is to reality what smoke is to fire. Mystics of centuries ago understood that time and space are indivisibly linked and that they are ultimately not real. In the deepest states of mystical introspection, time and space are completely transcended, revealing the illusory character of both, as well as Einstein’s space-time continuum.

The Metaverse will be one of the greatest technological revolutions of the century, as it will bring about the union of the digital and physical world, thought since the beginning of the internet.

“ We create the reality that we attract into our lives, all the time.”

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