News launches the world’s first NFT trading signal service, offering Buy & Sell signals to subscribers launches the world’s first NFT trading signal service, offering Buy & Sell signals to subscribers

The service offers investors a simple and profitable approach to participating in the rapidly

growing digital art and collectibles marketplace. has launched a subscription-based community that accesses real-life trading

signals for non-fungible tokens and NFT art collections via email and SMS.

NFT Signal is designed for investors intrigued by the NFT market by offering access to these

fast and substantial signals. More specifically, investors who don’t have the time, knowledge,

or desire to investigate and select the most promising NFT’s.

Data from the previous month have enclosed that NFT’s or digital proofs of ownership

recorded on decentralized blockchains have galvanized global art markets. Individual works

from well-known NFT collections such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club have sold for

millions of dollars at auction houses and immediately attracted widespread media attention.

All of this is happening while NFT trading volumes keep spiking with more than 10 billion

dollars per quarter.

While markets are exploding, an increased number of people are joining the NFT market.

Many of them are unsure where to start and what to purchase. Many traders have tried

trading profitable but don’t seem to find the appropriate collection of NFTs.

That is where comes in to help. Based on a model that analyzes the history,

team & community, figures, and potential of an NFT, the team carefully selects the best sets

of NFTs for you.

The process is straightforward; once an NFT is added to the whitelist based on its potential,

an alert (or signal) is sent out to all the members by email and SMS. Members can then decide

to buy the NFT from OpenSea, for instance (a marketplace for trading NFT’s). Once an NFT

reaches its potential, a Sell signal will be communicated to take the profit (or loss).

The results are promising and published online every month. Positions for the current month

are accessible only for members.

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