Octosuite – Advanced Github OSINT Framework

Simply gather OSINT on Github users and organizations like a god🔥

clone project:

$ git clone
$ pip install -r requirements.txt


$ sudo chmod +x octosuite


Command Usage
orginfo get organization info
userinfo get user profile info
repoinfo get repository info
pathcontents get contents of a path from a specified repository
orgrepos get a list of repositories owned by a specified organization
userrepos get a list of repositories owned by a specified user
usergists get a list of gists owned by a specified user
userfollowers get a list of a user’s followers
userfollowing check whether user A follows user B
usersearch search user(s)
reposearch search repositor(y)(ies)
topicsearch search topics(s)
issuesearch search issue(s)
commitsearch search commit(s)
usersearch search user(s)
update check for/download updates
author show author info
help show usage/help
exit exit session
  • octosuite automatically logs network and minor user activity. The logs are saved by date and time in .logs folder
  • octosuite has only been tested on Termux and Kali Linux (for now), please be sure to let me know how it works on Windows


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