OTCing unveils the new global tether exchange

Cyprus – Feb 23, 2022 – At an exclusive launch event held today at the Cyprus Limassol, OTCing Business Group unveiled the much-anticipated OTCing Tether Exchange App. The OTCing App features one of the world’s trust-level Tether exchange brokers combining latest technology and bringing to life a groundbreaking Tether(USDT) experience.

OTCing set new expectations for Tether(USDT) with the launch of the OTCing App, the North Cyprus trustable Tether Exchanger. With the debut of the OTCing App Series, OTCing makes capturing professional quality and a truly effortless experience for everyone who are in the cryptocurrency industry and really need a good service level of Tether exchange .

“We look for inspiration from global currency to continuously evolve our approach to provide the convenience service by exchanging the physical and virtual currency,” said Richard Battlo, Chief Executive Officer, OTCing Business Group. “The OTCing App builds on the legacy of our collaboration with Tether and all major local currencies . 

he OTCing App Series includes advanced, intelligent exchange systems that bring clients features that ultimately enhance every part of the Tether(USDT) experience.

The key features of OTCing app has been summarized as following, said by Marina Kuzmenko (Chief Product Officer)

  1. Low cost transaction fees, There will be only a very small amount of transaction fees upon every completed order. We pledge to apply the lowest P2P transaction fees in all markets.
  2. Flexible payment methods, clients can buy and sell crypto with over 150 payment methods, including bank transfer, cash, PayPal, M-Pesa and multiple e-wallets.
  3. Trade at your preferred prices, can not just buy or sell crypto from the existing offers, but also create your trade advertisements to set your own prices.
  4. Protection for your privacy, which we do not collect information about buyers and sellers.
  5. Licensed Broker-Regulated by Financial Services Authority – St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

“We are very excited that more customers can experience our products to solve their real needs, it is all our efforts” ——OTCing

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