Professional gamer cites 13 blockchain games to keep an eye on in 2022

YouTuber indicates games that can yield cryptocurrencies to players; list has news, promising games and others still little known

Play-to-earn games, blockchain games, GameFi, games with NFTs… the way they are called doesn’t matter much, but the fact is that this new model of video games is increasingly taking up its space in the gaming universe and attracting millions of people worldwide, with innovative proposals and, above all, the possibility of generating profit for its players.

The successful model, which is quite complex and includes cryptocurrency compensation for all active players – and not only for professionals and streamers, but also in conventional games – began to become popular with the growth of Axie Infinity in early 2021.

The pet battle game, very similar to Pokémon mechanics, went from practically zero to more than 2 million active players per day in less than a year. One of its native cryptocurrencies, AXS, saw its value multiply more than 161 times in 2021 – placing the token as one of the most profitable of the year and making the game become the main source of income for thousands of players, especially in emerging countries such as Brazil, the Philippines and Venezuela.

But despite leading the industry, Axie Infinity is far from reigning alone. Several other games that follow similar models, mainly with the use of NFTs and compensation for all players, began to appear over the past year and in early 2022.

Some are still just projects, which are beginning to capitalize on the sale of NFTs and ambitious plans, others are already in full operation and with thousands, or millions, of players. The truth is that the blockchain gaming market already has numerous concrete cases, and professional gamer Anders Björk, a Swedish who has a YouTube channel and is an expert in the subject, has listed 13 that are worth keeping an eye on in the coming months.

“I have this vision of fully functional economies in games, where people make a living just playing, having fun and living in this virtual world. I think we are approaching a reality in which normal people can make a living playing. This will change the world in a way that no one can imagine,” Björk said in an article published on his website.

According to him, the 13 games mentioned are developed by solid teams, with previous experiences and work recognized in the gaming industry. He divided them into three categories: those already in operation; those that are released, but still in the early stages (alpha and beta); and those that have been announced, but are not yet available. Check out the list below, with comments on each game made by the professional player.

In Operation

Blankos Block Party

Gender: varied
Developer: Mythical Games
Blockchain: Mythical (bridge with the Ethereum network scheduled for the first quarter of 2022)
Official website

“Blankos is one of the best built NFT games, if not the best NFT-based game available. It’s easy, fun and exciting to play, especially if you have some friends on Discord to play together. You will find hours and hours of different fun games to play, as well as a fully advanced map maker. There are three main styles of play: PVP shooter, speed racing and collection game mode.”


Genre: cards
Blockchain: Hive + WAX
Official website

“Splinterlands is one of the first successful NFT games, which began as a battle of monsters. It has been around for years and, with the release of terenos and the splinterlands token, the game has advanced to new heights in recent months. It’s free to play, so you can test it and see what you think before buying any cards or cool packages.”


Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Blockchain: native
Official website

“Mir4 is a cross-platform MMORPG where NFT-based characters are a reality. The game has a new and exciting face, and at first it seems quite fun to play… but then you read the reviews and listen to the people who are playing. Unfortunately, there seem to be mainly robots playing the game and, at the current stage, the game’s economy is unbalanced and ‘play-to-win’ [when players who spend the most on the game have much greater chances of winning]. I add it to the list mainly because it is one of the most exciting games there is. Mir4 is free to play on Steam, so it’s easy to try it and decide.”

The Uplift World

Genre: mod for Minecraft
Blockchain: WAX
Official website

“Uplift World chose a brilliant path in the universe of NFT games. They took an exciting gaming platform and built NFT accessibility on top of it. Why invent the wheel again? Minecraft is a super-success game that has stood the test of time.

In Uplift World, you can have NFTs ‘Land Keys’, which give you full right to a piece of land within your Minecraft servers. They have a few different servers, with different rules and settings, to please all types of players. With an NFT ‘Land Key’, you and those you whitelisted are the only players able to build and dig on your piece of land. This allows you to build your Minecraft dream within a large universe with many other players.”

In alpha and beta versions

The Sandbox

Gender: metaverse
Blockchain: Ethereum
Official website

“The Sandbox is probably one of the largest, if not the largest and best-known metaverse in the crypto world. Landowners in Sandbox can build their own game and allow other players to come, get involved and play in it. There are many projects that buy land in The Sandbox and we still have no idea how they will use them.

There is certainly an exciting future for The Sandbox, with so many stakeholders in it these days. Large companies, projects and celebrities such as Adidas, Binance, Atari, The Walking Dead, Animoca Brand, Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5, Flow, OpenSea, WAX, Opera, DappRadar and many more are already in The Sandbox.”

Phantom Galaxies

Genre: open world shooter
Developer: Blowfish Studios
Blockchain: Polygon/Multi-chain
Official website

“I haven’t played this game yet, but it looks very promising. Therefore, the classification is based exclusively on my research. Phantom Galaxies is an open world shooter, based on a space environment, where you control your third-person mech [robot] character. Personally, I’m not a big fan of shooting games of this format, but this one looks exciting and I’ll definitely test it as soon as it airs. Check out the trailer and see for yourself.”

22 Racing Series

Genre: race
Developer: GOATi Entertainment
Blockchain: Phantasma
Official website

“The 22 Racing Series reminds me a lot of the feeling of TrackMania [2003 game]. The speed and control are really nice, but the layout of the map is something totally new and incredible. They are based on the Phantasma blockchain, which allows them to do very cool things with their NFTs. Each car in the game is a unique NFT. However, each part of the car is also an NFT, and you can disassemble and customize your own car and maybe even sell exactly its construction to another player.”

Metropolis Origins

Genre: cards
Developer: QXR Studios
Blockchain: WAX
Official website

“Metropolis Origins is built by a talented and experienced team of game developers. It has just been released and already has an alpha playable version available on its website. All cards are NFTs registered on the WAX blockchain. It’s worth testing!”

Million on Mars: Land Rush

Genre: virtual world
Blockchain: WAX
Official website

“The Million on Mars team is made up of tons of experience in the gaming industry and will probably build and deliver one of the best casual games with NFTs there is. Your evaluation is now based on the limited alpha version; there are necessary features, such as adding multiple NFTs at the same time. Currently, you can get some land represented by NFTs, choose a location on Mars and build your base. You can explore the world, prepare your coffee and collect resources.”

Clashdome Citizens

Gender: varied
Developer: Ravalmatic
Blockchain: WAX
Official website

“Built by a small game studio in Barcelona [Spain], Clashdome Citizens is a platform with casual web-based games. Over the past year, the team has added several ‘Play-to-Earn’ games for anyone to play. Now, they have just released the alpha version of Clashdome Citizens, which is a ‘Play-to-Earn’ game that brings everything together on its platform: you will be able to generate your NFT citizens, creating a way to earn more game tokens, duel with other players and much more.”

Alien Worlds

Gender: metaverse
Developer: Dacoco
Blockchain: WAX
Official website

“Alien Worlds is one of the largest ‘play-to-earn’ games there is, with hundreds of thousands of users. However, what most people still don’t know is that the current state of the game, its mining aspect, is only the first step of the project. It is an economical layer to distribute the TLM token and take people to the metaverse. Soon, the Alien World board will be launched, which is a DAO [Decentralized Autonomous Organization] per planet in the game, which will give enormous impact capacity to the metaverse of Alien World.”

Waiting for Launch

The Forge Arena

Blockchain: WAX
Official website

“Forge Arena is the most exciting-looking NFT game I’ve ever seen. I’m a person who’s played many games in my entire life, and this game gives a pleasant feeling as a combination made in paradise between Counter Strike and Quake. The developers say they were inspired by CSGO and Halo.”


Genre: cards
Developer: Electric Nerds
Blockchain: WAX
Official website

“Warsaken is a new style of card game that should be released in both digital and physical format. The art of NFTs is of high quality and the team seems passionate about the project. On their YouTube you can watch a video of the game, between one of the team members and his son. Currently, they sell their NFTs for the game, so you can get enough for when the digital version of the game is released.”

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