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Ukraine Said Government Websites and Banks Suffered a DDoS Attack

Ukraine DDoS Attack

The Ukraine government officials have claimed that again multiple government and banking organizations’ portals have experienced a massive DDoS attack recently.

All these cyberattacks have been developed by the threat actors over the past few months and after such a brutal attack several information systems become not operable.

However, several websites have managed to minimize the damage caused by the attack by switching traffic to another provider. And there are some who have managed to withstand the attack.

Ukraine’s Cyber Defense

While the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine working on several segments to counter these attacks and to do so, they are:-

  • Collecting all the attack traces.
  • Collecting all the available information.
  • Closely analyzing the available data and information.
  • Analyzing the possible footprints of the threat actors.

Banks Targeted

Here we have mentioned all the banks that are targeted by the threat actors:-

  • PrivatBank
  • Oschadbank
  • The State Savings Bank of Ukraine

Along with these banks, the threat actors have also targeted the defense and ministerial websites of the Ukrainian government.

Apart from this, the Ukrainian government has asked all the authorities to immediately contact the Government Computer Emergency Response Team CERT-UA who have been attacked or suspected to have been attacked.

Moreover, the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine has confirmed that they are closely working with security experts to stop and mitigate such cyber-attacks now and in the future as well.

For now, they have affirmed that they will update and inform about the current situation promptly through their official communication channels.

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