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Using AutoPWN to get a backdoor

In this video from our Client-side Attacks online course we learn how to set up AutoPWN in Metasploit to generate a malicious link and attack a browser. Dive in!

In client-side exploitation, we take advantage of the weakest link, that is, clients. In this course, we will take a practical approach to learning, and our major targets will be client-side software like web browsers, media players, and e-mail applications. The vulnerabilities in these software are published often, and patches are often not installed quickly. Through attack scenarios, this course will increase your client-side attack skills. 

What tools will you use? 

  • Virtual Box or parallel
  • Kali Linux (2021.3) or Parrot OS Linux (4.11.2)
  • Metasploitable (version 2 or latest)
  • Different tools and features within Linux, such as AutoPWN
  • For browser attacks, we will be using Firefox Mozilla for demonstrations 
  • For Windows demonstrations, we will use Windows 7 or Windows 10 (depending on which attacks will work best on each) 

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